Content – It’s what people want


Do you want to generate new leads?  Develop some good content.

Do you want to increase sales?  Develop some good content.

Do you want to kick start your social media agenda?  You need some good content!

What is content?  It’s something people want to read/see/listen to.  It can take the form of a whitepaper, podcast, streaming video, case study, webinar, and much more.  Often, the same content can take several of those forms all at once.  And from it, you can draw the key points and use them for both outbound marketing (email blasts, banner ads, etc.) or inbound marketing (tweets, facebook posts, etc.) efforts.  But it all starts with getting the content you need that people will want to view.

Here’s a great example that I helped to create but it was mostly done by my buddy Moshe and the highly talented multi-media team at my previous employer (click on the image):

MI Pro video

As the marketing person responsible for delivering leads and revenue for this product, I loved getting this piece done.  I made this piece the focus of a landing page and used it to drive web traffic.  I also included links to it in our various vertical and horizontal e-newsletters and gave the link to sales for their use.

Take a snippet of this and make it into a podcast or a tweet and you have the hook to draw them in.  Of course, you also need to have content after this to further push prospects down the funnel (but that’s another topic on content mapping and the sales funnel – each piece of content is designed to move from “educational”  to “posing a problem” to “offering a solution” – all feeding off each other and moving the prospect from interest to qualified lead).

Anyway, the point is, you need quality content to build thought leadership and create interest.  And you need fresh content on a regular stream to keep the interest flowing and the thought leadership position.  The challenge now is getting that content created.  And this can be a challenge since it often isn’t anyone’s “responsibility” to write a whitepaper or create a video.  It varies by organization but if content creation is difficult for you, you need to be creative.  I even worked at one firm that paid employees for content that ended up being used i.e., $100 for a whitepaper (hated the idea since I think everyone should chip in to help a company survive, but it was effective).

So go out there and get quality content before you start spending money on getting leads.  You need something compelling for people to respond.


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