Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

For the past 15 years, I’ve been working in one guise or another as a marketing manager responsible for lead generation and driving revenue through the marketing-to-sales funnel.  I read as much of the trade rags as I can and I keep up on marketing trends and issues. As such, I was caught completely by surprise by this whole “inbound” vs. “outbound” marketing. To me, this is a false division of a discipline. Yeah, maybe you can specialize in certain areas like SEO or email marketing or landing page design, but a marketing manager needs as many arrows in her quiver as she can get. I never discounted any possible avenue for generating quality leads and building customer relationship. Anyway, I was going to write more about this but then read this great post from Ardath Albee. I have not much more to say.

Ardath does touch briefly on the need and importance of content as I do too in this article. This is one of the most critical link to any successful marketing initiatives. You can also read more about the importance of content – and how to develop it – from one of the best marketing copywriters I’ve ever encountered.

Good marketing all!


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  1. Ardath Albee on

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks very much for referencing my blog post. Hope your readers enjoy it!


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