State of the economy

According to IDC, tech marketing budgets will increase by 3.5% this year. That would be good news unless you actually read beyond the headline. This result is based on interviews with “47 senior marketers at global technology companies representing more than $290 billion in revenue.” Due to my electrical engineering degree, I had to take a LOT of math – including statistics. 47 people don’t make for a very robust sample. And more important, if they all have very large budgets, they are a segment that represents only large firms.

I’m not sure if anyone has done a comprehensive study on marketing budgets across company size, industry, geography and more, but my anecdotal evidence points to a slight uptick in marketing budgets. I’m not too sure it’s as much as 3.5%, but it is something. The moral is, read the details of a report, even if it is from someone like IDC. You need to understand the methodology and sampling process in order to decide if the results fit you and your market.


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