Virual Desktop

Interesting article in a recent eWeek:

Here are my Cliff notes:

  • the benefits of server virtualization are now well-documented and understandable
  • the benefits of implementing VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) are still debatable

The pluses of VDI primarily seem to help the IT group. These include:

  • lower hardware cost (over time) as you don’t need thick clients
  • centralized and standardized “desktops” as they now really reside on servers
  • WAY less hassles for IT/tech support groups
    • don’t have to patch individual devices
    • don’t have to deal w/ security threats on each device
    • very easy imaging for when problems arise

However, for the end-user, the story is not necessarily the same. One benefit is (or will be depending on how apps run on other devices) the ability to access your work anytime, anywhere, on any suitable device. For example, you can finish working on your document on an netbook,  iPad or smartphone instead of having to carry a laptop with you. But the big drawback is the lack of control over your work environment. For example, you may want/need to update to the latest (or even beta) version of a browser so you can see how your web site will appear. In the VDI world, IT controls when or even whether you can download and/or update apps. You may need to voice a business case and await a decision – resulting in delays and impeding your performance.

Anyway, there is a lot more good stuff in this three-page article. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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  1. Fran on

    Hi Greg: where’s the article at? Link’s not active using my old stoooopid browser. Many thanks, Fran

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