Mobile marketing

B2B mobile marketing? Why? Isn’t that a consumer market.

The short answer is yes. But with a very big BUT. In general, B2C can leverage mobile marketing for impulse buying. The reason being that there is one (or at best two) people involved in the buying decision. Unless you are buying a home or a car, the selling cycle is very short.

Here’s B2B magazine’s latest article on it:

The B2B world is different. Although the drivers for a purchase may be similar (possible future blog post), the process is completely different. B2B buyers tend to have several buyers in the process, need more time for the decision, need ROI, are more critical and more.

But let’s get back to the issue of mobile marketing. For B2B, my thoughts are not so much for selling but for using it in the buying process. It is a way to leverage content or presence to drive prospects down the funnel.

Mobile marketing is just an new outlet for traditional content marketing. But there is a new wrinkle. You really can leverage mobile marketing at events. In your pre-marketing efforts, if you can get smartphone info, you can text attendees about upcoming booth events, speaking sessions, and more. I don’t necessarily see mobile marketing as critical in the B2B sales process but you never know. I always like to see what my B2C brethren are doing. They are a smart lot!


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