B2B Mag survey finding 2

I did an earlier post on the recently published results of a survey done by B2B Magazine and Genius.com but didn’t get beyond finding #1. They have 6 findings. Here are my thoughts on Finding #2.

To re-cap, here’s their purpose statement:

“How do today’s marketers see themselves and their evolving role in the enterprise? The purpose of the joint Genius and BtoB Magazine Marketer Skills Survey is to bring these answers into focus so we can gain a better understanding of how these drivers are shaping today’s Connected Marketer.”

Finding #2 is:  “To meet revenue and ROI goals, marketers need to adopt new skills.”

This is based on the following question and answers: I really like these answers. Based on my experience, as marketers we would love to spend more time on both strategy and analysis but often get pulled into the everyday needs of the organization to make quarterly numbers. So we spend a lot of our time trying to be sales-driven.  Strategy and analysis often get pushed off as end of quarter or even annual events resulting in the “can’t see the forest for the trees” syndrome.  I’ve often felt that we were missing a big boat (or at least a nice, small yacht) because we never had the chance to do some strategic brainstorming.

As for being sales-driven, it is nice to see that as high as it is. I’ve always seen sales as my customer. My responsibility (at least when wearing the lead gen marketer hat) is to provide them with a quality product – highly qualified leads. The old days of marketing throwing leads over the wall to sales should be long gone by now. Silos don’t work.

The interesting thing for me is what impact this could have on the marketing organizational structure. Most of the firms I’ve worked for were mid-sized so marketers were called upon to handle strategy, tactics, budgets, lead generation, running events, just about all aspects of marketing. And so some of these tasks (often strategy and analysis) got short-changed. The time pressures made you focus on tactics and delivering results. I always thought it would be beneficial to have somebody in marketing dedicated to a longer time horizon (say 9 months to 2 years) and let the rest of the team focus on the one month to 9 month horizon.

Anyway, would love to hear from you about other ways organizations handle this need for balancing long-term and short-term needs – and what other needs your marketing team may have!


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