Defense department as an example

There is no doubt about it. Our American economy has gone through hell. Most, if not all, has been brought on by our own bad habits. And now we need to return to our roots – a people who care about each other and don’t spend beyond our means.

Our political climate is nasty, at best. There seems to be little interest in caring for America. More important seems to be getting re-elected or, even worse, face time on Fox “news” or any of those other venues of pure crap. And all of this at a time when our country really could use some leaders and help.

We have a huge budget deficit. And the Defense Department, under Secretary Gates, is one (if not the only) group that is tackling finances in an intelligent way. They have stepped forward to take responsibility for their spending. And, they are fighting Congress when needed. Several Congressmen (Republicans) don’t want to cut the spending that the Pentagon sees as not needed. Go figure.

Anyway, I hope the rest of our government can replicate the example of the Defense Department.


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