Marketing and High Tech firms

I’ve worked for several high tech firms over the years and it took a conversation with my cousin to help me gather these thoughts. Most high tech firms just don’t understand marketing. They seem to see marketing as “that group that turns out datasheets.” Wow, the lack of understanding is amazing. I worked for a CEO (he came from sales so I guess that may be an excuse for him) that actually said that marketing was “that pink fuzzy bunny group.” Talk about a lack of leadership.

Most technology firms just don’t get marketing. They start as technology-driven and then move to sales-driven. But the most successful (can you say Apple?) are market (not marketing) driven. There are many facets to marketing and most tech firms don’t get beyond product marketing. And that’s why they lose in the long run.

I’m an engineer turned marketer. I’m driven by numbers. At every place I’ve worked, I’ve mandated creating metrics that show the return on marketing investment. I force the discussion. Marketing is a strategic advantage for organizations smart enough to realize it. If your company isn’t there yet, talk to me. I may have some advice to help you.


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