New PEO for Intelligence, EW and Sensors

I was fortunate enough to catch the local AUSA (Association of the United States Army) chapter’s Spring Breakfast meeting in Nashua, NH last Thursday. The keynote speaker was Brig. Gen. Harold J. Greene and his talk focused on the current state of the US Army. I learned a lot.

Firstly, I was impressed with the number of degrees this guy has. Starting to think most of him military career was spent in colleges. Plus, never hurts to share an alma mater. We both have Masters from RPI. So that gave him plus marks prior to him opening his mouth.

But opening his mouth didn’t hurt any. He is well spoken and his presentation was impressive. Gen. Greene talked about the changing face of the Army. This isn’t your Audie Murphy Army. Or even close to your Army depicted in Platoon. Today’s Army utilizes more state-of-the-art technologies than just about any other occupation I can think of. And they need talented people. I was particularly interested when he talked about the decisions that have to made today by platoon leaders. As he said, the Army has to move from “training” (which you can do when you know what the threats are) to “education” (where the feet on the ground have to make a decision quickly). It helped bring home a lot of what my company works on.

On a side note, I was also impressed with the General’s discipline. Our Army (and all of our armed services) are put under the command of a civilian elected by the people. It is an amazing system. And it offers challenges for the military as Gen. McChrystal can relate. When asked questions that bordered on political issues, Gen. Greene deferred. And did so with humor. I appreciated that.

Gen. Greene is moving to a new position as Program Executive Officer, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors. I wish him well. He is an impressive person and someone I believe can help lead our military through the difficult times we will be facing in the coming years.




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