iPad all the rage

OK, I will confess up front that I am not an Apple person. I grew up on PCs, DOS and Windows. I’m used to the snags, warts and all you encounter on a daily basis using these systems. That being said, I do see the allure of the iPad. They have made a big in-road in my company. They are light, handy, can go with you anywhere easily. Here’s an eWeek article about the adoption and impact on IT groups

For me, I had a MacBook Pro once. It was a loaner from a client and I needed it because I was putting presentations together and needed access to Keynote. I did like the interface but constantly found myself going back to my PC whenever I needed to do “real work.” My kids, however, thought it was cool. Anyway, the job ended and I returned it.

To this day, I still have issues with touch screens. I chalk it up to lack of use. But I did shy away from them with my latest phone – a Blackberry. I would be interested to hear how other 40 somethings like me who grew up with PCs are doing with the move to admittedly cooler (maybe even better?) technologies.


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