Interactive marketing

I read with interest an article in the latest B to B Magazine on “interactive marketing departments.” It took me a minute to figure out what they meant by interactive marketing. From what I see, it’s a combination of digital marketing, market segmentation and leveraging the tools many marketers now have thanks to marketing automation systems. These tools include not only metrics and reporting but get to the level of one-on-one interactions. I now use Eloqua’s Prospect Profiler to look at a single customer or prospect and see exactly what they have done (emails opened, links clicked, forms filled out, assets they viewed, etc.). This is especially powerful when I’m going after high level people at targeted customers. It provides me with insight as to what content is resonating with a micro-targeted group. In addition, we rolled it out to our sales team. It is a plug-in to Salesforce and now our Account Managers leverage it for better insight and understanding before making a phone call or sales visit.

I did find the Forrester finding that “interactive marketing” is siloed a bit interesting. For me, interactive marketing is not a new marketing discipline with a dedicated team. Yeah, you may have people in your organization who specialize or are experts in it, but looking at and understanding your customer’s and prospect’s online behavior is something I think any marketer would want to know.

And I don’t think “interactive marketing” should be considered in the realm of digital marketing only. To gather a true understanding of your audience, you should look at compiling customer intelligence from a variety of sources including

  • taking notes at trade shows and events
  • getting feedback and reports from sales after calls and visits
  • monitoring social media conversations and blogs
  • if applicable, input for customer service

And any other area where your customers are speaking.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has interactive marketing as a role in their organization and how it works. I see it as another tool to help companies with customer intimacy initiatives.


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