Market to the Individual

Here is a very good article by Rick Segal in a recent issue of B2B Magazine.  Rick starts by recalling his premise that “b-to-b marketing is dead.” Evidently, he got a lot of heat for that statement which is understandable if you take it out of context. He is using the statement to stir controversy and shake marketers out of their doldrums. And I hope he succeeds.

I would love to paraphrase but I think Rick’s following statement says it all:  “dIf we really want to influence business decisions, from now on we have to reach and persuade the real seat of power: the individual.” Kind of reminds me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And, at the end of the day (to use a very overused phrase), a group may make the decision but the group is made up of individuals.  For me, the moral is, micro-target your message as best you can to each individual who makes up the buying group. Not so easy to do in real life, but maybe that gives us some job security.


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