Marketing Accountability

Finally getting around to the June issue of B2B Magazine (the issue I was quoted in and article on Social Media ROI) and found this article on Marketing accountability particularly interesting. It’s about the latest SiriusDecisions’ annual event. I like SiriusDecisions and have been following their advice at both of my last two companies.

The one quote I love from the article is from Megan Heuer of SiriusDecisions. She says, “You have to determine what it’s worth to give marketing a dollar, because marketing is either part of the solution or a cost center.” Tying marketing to business success is critical. It may seem scary at first because you are moving to the big people table, but if you don’t, you are seen as a cost center that gets cut during tough times instead of an investment center that provides a return.

It all comes down to metrics. You need to figure what you do in marketing that drives business success. Not things like open rates – those are fine for measuring the effectiveness of an email. But I’m talking about what you report to execs. Those one or two key metrics that drive revenue. I’ve written a few earlier posts on metrics for those with more interest. For more, check out Marketing Metrics.


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