ROI and Marketing’s Best Blogs

I read the Editor’s Notes of the November issue of Target Marketing magazine with interest. What first caught my interest was the DATA BYTES sidebar. Pulling from IBM’s interviews with 1,734 CMOs, it highlights the increasing focus on return on (marketing) investment.

This is something I’ve pushed for the past 10+ years at the firms I’ve worked for. Too many times, I’ve been at companies where they see marketing as a “spend” as opposed to an investment. And marketing is to blame for that. If you never prove what you do drives revenue and results, then you will be viewed as a “spend.” As a result, you are among the first for cuts to budget when times get tough. Marketing leaders need to be know more than marketing. They need to understand business.

The primary part of the Editor’s Note was on the new feature they are developing – Marketing’s Best Blogs. Looks promising. And maybe some of you readers with blogs should consider contributing. You’ve got some good ideas out there!


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