Marketing Automation updates

The latest issue (November 7) of B2B Magazine has a couple of interesting articles on Marketing Automation. The first, “Lack of Resources Impedes Marketing Automation Adoption,” reports on the results of a survey conducted in August and September. The survey was conducted by B2B and Aprimo, a supplier of a marketing automation solution. So the highlights are:

  • only 44% of b2b marketers have implemented some sort of automation
  • a scary 11% are not aware of marketing automation
11%? Really? What, do you live under a rock? But maybe the 11% just didn’t understand what was meant by marketing automation. Still, that is a rather high percentage considering how long these systems have been around.
Of the 44% of “users,” here’s some interesting findings:
  • 52% use it for automatic distribution of leads
  • 19% leveraging more advanced features such as lead nurturing programs, closed-loop automation (not really sure what they mean by that) and sales/marketing alignment

An interesting part of the article quotes Jeff Ernst, an analyst at Forrester, who says that “full-featured” automation is only being used by about 5% of b2b marketers. Since the survey had a relatively low 276 respondents who likely are B2B magazine readers and more engaged in this area, I believe Mr. Ernst may be closer to the true number. I would be interested in people’s thoughts on this.

As a side note, a little over a year ago, I wrote a blog article on “Evaluating Marketing Automation vendors.” I’m thinking it may be worth re-visiting that article and updating it. There are several new and impressive vendors in this space.

The second article in the issue is “Marketing Automation Requires Buy-In to a Different Way of Thinking.” This article covers some important things to know about implementing marketing automation and the changes/benefits it can deliver.

Both of these articles are worth the read.


2 comments so far

  1. Barry Clifford on

    I understand closed-loop automation as being a system where sales data is fed back to the MA system so that closed sales, time to close data etc. can begin to be more accurately predicted and lead scoring made more accurate,

    • gregdonahue on

      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I agree, that’s what they mean by “closed-loop.” I think they also include sending sales rejected leads back to marketing for lead nurturing programs. Thanks again for the comment! Hope all is going well at Ayantek.

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